I found Mandy LaGreca, Natural Health Achiever, on Facebook after being very ill with a whole host of debilitating ailments. Since then I have experienced her as a consistently available presence on FB answering questions, and offering nutritional and emotional support at every turn for all of her members, day and night (how does she do that?!).  

Mandy is a power house and has been a fantastic coach in all definitions of the word; on the web, live streaming, in email correspondence, video conferencing and she even took the time to speak to my primary care physician on the phone about how to best assist me in my healing. 

I believe we need all modalities in order to heal ourselves but Mandy has been my number one go to practitioner and a pivotal, critical piece on my journey to getting back on my feet, making it possible for me to embrace my life again. She is a relatable, down to earth coach (and cheerleader), a comrade in arms, as well as a source of incredible knowledge about health, healing and nutrition. Many thanks to her I am standing upright and preparing to go back to work.”


Aimee in Maine


‘When my husband and I first met with Mandy, our diet was mediocre and we were not exercising. Our energy was at an all time low and we were not sleeping well. Fatigue, and brain fog were just a few of our other symptoms. After reading book after book on nutrition, we were left with more questions than answers. Mandy changed everything for us. She is very knowledgeable and she put together a plan that worked. After just 10 weeks, we are both new people. We have so much energy and are sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night. We love what we are eating and have incorporated exercise several days per week. The fatigue and brain fog have disappeared. I have lost 20 lbs and Howie has lost 40 lbs! We are so thankful for Mandy and are excited to continue to work with her on our journey to great health!
Andrea and Howie Kaplan


“In September 2017 when I first became Mandy’s patient, I was struggling with lots of inflammation, chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, bloating, and “male issues”. Being only 32 years old, it was very frustrating to deal with these symptoms. She prescribed supplements and a complete diet change. I began to see and feel results a couple of weeks later. I’m very thankful for Dr. LaGreca’s dedication to improving my health. I look forward to continue my journey with Dr. LaGreca to become the healthy Young man that I’m supposed to be.” DP